Photo and audio on the scene

How would you cover a live news event involving hundreds, or thousands, of people?

Read this brief account by USA Today reporter

Then watch his video.

Reporters have told me that when they sit down to edit this kind of visual story, what they are trying to do is give the viewers a sense of how it felt to be there, on the scene.


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One Response to Photo and audio on the scene

  1. amescua says:

    Hi, I saw the video and read his comment about it. I must agree with him in the video but not in the idealistic video at all that finishes it. In fact I, working as a journalist, just taking photos and audio was insulted and almost got myself beaten by a bunch of those pro-war demonstrator (how can anybody be a pro-war demonstrator by the way) who where there insulting at the people in the march and who told me, literally, that insulting was his “freedom of speech” right. Understanding this way of thinking, you understand all the rest. In relation to this, in the AP text you can read: “There were some heated shouting matches between the two sides.” By the way, why there are more people talking in favour of the war than against?

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