Neglecting your blogs

I know you all have lots of stuff to do (the life of a grad student), but I must remind you, your blog is more than a class exercise.

Read this if you doubt me.

More and more today, the hiring editor is going to look at you a little funny if you say, “I want to be a journalist, but I just can’t find time to blog regularly.” The hiring editor is going to wonder how on earth you will ever survive in a real newsroom if you can’t even get off your butt to write a few little blog posts every week. What, you say you don’t know what to write about? Another bad sign! A journalist who can’t think of anything to write about? What the — ?

You see what I’m saying?


About Mindy McAdams
I teach courses about digital journalism at the University of Florida. I love to travel. I ride a Vespa. You can find me on Twitter (@macloo).

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