Online syllabus updates

On the Week 3 page, you’ll find a link to the video we saw in class yesterday.

On the Shooting 1 and 2 assignment page, you’ll see a clarification about how to turn in your work. Make sure you read and understand the full assignment before you go out and shoot.

Don’t worry about sound at all. We’ll do sound for the second shooting assignment. (Your microphones arrived yesterday! They are nice!)

The edited example I showed you yesterday, of the woman painting, is linked to the Editing 1 assignment. Remember, that is an edited version — your raw tape will not look like that.

If you have any questions about the HV20 camera, feel free to e-mail me immediately. Also, the complete manual is a PDF file inside the Handouts folder on the L: drive. You can access our class L: drive from any computer in Weimer Hall if you log in with your class login name and password.


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