Blog post 1: Analyze a “beyond radio” story

Go to the NPR website ( and find a story there that interests you.

Requirements for the NPR story:

  1. The URL for the story page must begin with
  2. It must have a “Listen to the Story” audio player at the top.
  3. It must have a transcript (linked at right side of the player).
  4. IMPORTANT: The audio story must be longer than 4 minutes (any length longer than 4 minutes).
  5. The date on the story must be within 90 days of the date of your blog post.

Requirements for your blog post:

  1. The length must be (minimum) 300 to (maximum) 500 words.
  2. Referring specifically to the assigned reading (Kern, Chapter 18), discuss the “beyond radio” aspects of this story on the website. Be sure to compare the transcript to the Web story text and comment on that. Be sure to listen carefully to the entire audio story. (Note: A smart person would read the chapter BEFORE selecting the story to analyze.)
  3. Include the headline of the NPR story in your text, and make the headline itself a link to the page where the full story appears. Example: Meet Peter Lassally, Late Night ‘Host Whisperer’
  4. Envision your audience for this blog post as a potential future employer.
  5. In addition to discussing the “beyond radio” aspects that appear on, or linked to, this story, you should ALSO suggest any other “beyond radio” items you think would be good additions to this story.
  6. Be interesting. Be intelligent.
  7. Write an appropriate and interesting headline for your blog post.
  8. After you publish your blog post ON YOUR OWN BLOG, copy the URL of your post page and paste it in a REPLY to this post, here, on this blog. If you paste a complete URL on a line by itself, it will automatically become a working link. That is what I want.

This is an example of a correct LINK to an individual blog post:

Note: The contents of that post are NOT similar to your assignment.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, Sept. 4, at 9 a.m. (Your reply posted here must be submitted before 09:00:00 in order to receive credit. I will have to approve your comment before it appears, so don’t panic if it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”)

Note: If you say your selected story does not have “beyond radio” aspects, then you selected a pretty bad example. Use your head. Find a story that enables you to discuss the chapter.

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I teach courses about digital journalism at the University of Florida. I love to travel. I ride a Vespa. You can find me on Twitter (@macloo).

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  1. I am happy to see all 12 students met the 9 a.m. deadline. Congratulations!

    I have captured all your posts offline with Instapaper and will be reading them later. I will leave a comment on your post after reading.

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