Photojournalism materials

Here is the PowerPoint I showed in class about Better Photos for Journalism Stories (shooting tips). Useful for review before you go out to shoot the next time. It’s a PDF, so you can see my talking notes.

Here is the Web page from the week 6 class meeting: Links for Week 6. From that page, you can access the notes about using Adobe Photoshop for photojournalism, and the notes about how to make screen captures, and the link to my favorite screen-grab software (SnapzProX).

Remember, the screen-capture tools are also useful for determining the width and height of an image on a website, such as your own blog.

If you have any questions about photo shooting or photo editing, please post them here, as a reply to this post.

You’re also welcome to share any good links you’ve found that are relevant to photo shooting or photo editing.


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