Meeting your deadlines

In a graduate course for 3 credits, it is not unusual to do 9 hours’ work outside class. You’ll need to manage your time wisely.

Each week, you can see which assignments are due by looking at the Course Schedule page. The details of each assignment will appear here, on the course blog. The title of the blog post will make it clear which assignment is covered in that post.

Instructions are in the blog post about the assignment. If you have questions about an assignment, ask it in a comment on the assignment blog post (other students might have the same question). If you don’t follow the instructions, you can expect to see that failure reflected in your grade.

NOTE: Assignments posted here in 2012 are not relevant to your class in 2013. Any assignment might be completely changed for 2013.

You can see a listing of all assignment posts if you click Assignments in the menu at the top of the blog.

All assignments are due at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. If you try to complete all the assignments for the week in one day, probably you will not be happy about your grades. Mediocre work will be graded accordingly.

Late assignments are not graded. That means they earn zero points.

“9 a.m.” means exactly that: 9 a.m. Not 9:01 a.m. You must remember to post the link here on the course blog BEFORE THE DEADLINE. No link, no grade.

Journalists learn how to budget their time, do good quality work, and make their deadlines. That’s part of the reason why all your work for the week has one single deadline. You figure it out. You make it work.

For the first assignments, you’ll see them all listed under “Week 2.” The Tuesday of Week 2 is Sept. 3, and that’s when all the assignments are due. That includes any assigned reading. Everything has one deadline.

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