Blog post 9: Exploring a photographer’s vision

"View Photo Details" For this assignment, you will choose one “Featured Essay” at the Magnum Photos site. You will read the text and view all the photos in the essay slideshow.

No two students may write about the same essay. So, as soon as you decide which essay you want to write about, REPLY TO THIS POST and write the title of the essay and ALSO use the complete URL that points directly to that essay to make that title a LINK. If you are first, you can write about that one. If someone else named that essay first, then you must choose another.

For example:

2012 Egyptian Presidential Election

Identify the photos you select

After you have read the full text and viewed all the photos, choose three (3) of the photos to write about in your blog post. To identify each photo you select, view the photo details by clicking the link at the bottom left side of the slideshow viewer.

You can see this link (View Photo Details) at the bottom of the screen capture here.

To clearly identify the image you’re writing about, get the number from the top of the detail page (circled below):

Number ID of the photo

IMPORTANT: DO NOT copy any photos from Magnum and show them in your blog post. To do so would be a violation of copyright law.

Choose the three photos because each one has an emotional impact on YOU. This can be felt as sympathy or happiness, revulsion, tenderness, or even a sense that what you see is very strange or unexpected. Do not choose any photo that makes you just feel like: “Oh, well,” or “Oh, yes …” or another bland feeling. The photo need not be shocking, but it must make you experience a distinct feeling.

Contents of your blog post

  1. In the first paragraph, include the complete title of the photo essay and LINK that title text directly to the essay page.
  2. Write a brief summary assessment of the total contents of the slideshow. What is it about, and how does it portray its subject(s)? In saying what it portrays, I want you to write about the emotional content, not the facts.
  3. In the form of three separate paragraphs, write about the impact of the image in each of the three photos you have chosen. Please refer to specific visual aspects of the image and/or its composition, but DO NOT describe everything. Describe only what is relevant to the impact it has. (The paragraph above this list explains impact.)
  4. In each paragraph, include the number of the photo (from the detail page) you’re writing about (for example: Photo 5 of 35).
  5. Write in complete and grammatically correct sentences.

Requirements for your blog post

  1. The length must be (minimum) 300 to (maximum) 500 words.
  2. Write intelligently so that a prospective employer, reading your post, will think you are smart and thoughtful.
  3. Write an appropriate and interesting headline for your blog post.
  4. After you publish your blog post ON YOUR OWN BLOG, copy the URL of your post page and paste it in a REPLY to this post, here, on this blog. If you paste a complete URL on a line by itself, it will automatically become a working link. That is what I want.

Please read about grading criteria for blog posts in this course. Those criteria apply to all blog post assignments.


Tuesday, Sept. 24, at 9 a.m.

Your reply posted here must be submitted before 09:00:00 in order to receive credit.


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  1. Yaru Chen says:

    I’d like to do the featured essay on Michael Christopher Brown: Congo 2012-2013

  2. Everyone except Tripp has called dibs on an essay.

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