Some tips about upcoming deadlines

Please read the Course Schedule from now up to the end of the semester and start thinking about how you will manage your time.

The deadlines will not change. What we do during class might be adjusted, but NOT the deadlines or the assigned work.

Both the audio and photo story and the final project account for a big part of your final grade. The points and percentages are explained in the syllabus under both “Course Requirements” and “Grades and Grading Policies.” You can also read details here: Required Work.

Audio and photo story

The audio and photo story counts as Audio 3 and Photo 3, so it is worth DOUBLE any of the single assignments to date (Audio 1 and 2, Photo 1 and 2).

Your choice of a story topic for the audio and photo story will matter a lot. Bad story topic, bad grade. You need to think of something that automatically gives you a lot of VISUAL VARIETY. Feel free to pitch your story ideas to me via email or in person any time.

Another tip: Shoot all your photos FIRST and do the interview(s) AFTER. That way you can be sure to ask questions about the things we see in your best and most interesting photos. This will make it easy to match audio and images effectively when you edit. NATURAL SOUND should be part of the audio you gather.

It’s natural to talk to people about the story before and during the shooting of photos. I’m only suggesting the recorded interview be done after the shooting — you can interview people for information and background before and during your photography activities.

Final project

Information about the final project has been on this website since Day One: Required Work. This project accounts for one-fifth of your course grade, so make sure you give it the thought, time and attention it requires.

You are going to PITCH your project idea during class on Nov. 5.

Success for your project (and a good grade) begins with that pitch. So you need to spend time thinking about it. It will be a really poor start if you throw the pitch together at the last minute before class. If you do that, you can probably expect a poor grade.

A good plan would be to meet with me every week after the pitch and show me your progress on your project. That way I can tell you what’s lacking, what needs beefing up. If you don’t show me anything between the pitch and the deadline, you might be very disappointed in your grade. If you talk with me and show me your work, you’ll get a clear idea of what level of quality I expect to see in your project.

This means you need to start producing work for your project soon after your pitch is approved. If you don’t have work to show me, I won’t be able to give you much advice!


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