About students’ WordPress blogs

All of the students in the professional master’s program set up individual self-hosted WordPress blogs in the bootcamp class this summer. Your blog represents you and should be professional in tone and appearance at all times. Some of your blogs do not meet this standard yet, so I expect you to take time NOW and clean them up.

In particular, it’s important that a first-time visitor to your blog is able to find (1) your contact info, and (2) your “About” or bio page, from EVERY page in your blog site.

You would be smart to explore the two journalist blogs linked above. How do working journalists, experienced and employed, present themselves? How do you measure up to them?

Please complete the following steps before our first class meeting, on Aug. 28:

  1. Create and/or clean up your Contact page; make sure the Contact link is easy to find from every page in your blog.
  2. Create and/or edit your About or Bio page; make sure that page is easy to find from every page in your blog. (Note: This is a different page from your resume.)
  3. Make sure the SoundCloud plugin is up-to-date and functional in your WordPress blog. You will be using this plugin several times in Toolkit 1 — starting in Week 2 of this semester.
  4. If your blog post pages are messed up (I mean that the design has been blown up or corrupted somehow — this is the case on SEVERAL of your blogs!), FIX THAT NOW.

I’m going to check these Tuesday morning before we meet, so don’t be surprised if I show your blog during class and make comments about it.


Journalists’ Toolkit: The new 2012 edition!

This blog had been dormant since 2008, when this two-semester course concluded its inaugural year. Because of a variety of factors in the college and the university, the course could not be offered again — until now.

New posts and pages will be added to this blog, beginning now.

The new course number for Journalists’ Toolkit 1 is JOU 6344. It is open to resident UF master’s students in the Multimedia Journalism / Multimedia Telecommunication program. Students must meet the equipment requirement.

For more information, see the About page.