Blog post 7: Journalism ethics

Last week you had an optional reading link to NPR’s ethics statement. This week, you will find an ethics statement on the site of a different news organization. The organization can be primarily magazine, newspaper, radio, television, or online. However, it CANNOT be a professional group organization, such as SPJ, ASME, RTDNA or NPPA. It must be an organization that produces journalistic products, such as magazines, newspapers, TV or radio news programs, or online news.

The idea behind this assignment is to get you thinking about what kinds of things journalists want to include in a public statement about their ethics.

No two students may write about the same organization. So, as soon as you decide which organization you’re using, REPLY TO THIS POST and write the name of the organization and ALSO paste the complete URL of their ethics page on their site. If you are first, you can write about that one. If someone else named that one first, then you must choose another.

The reply with the organization name and URL is separate from your later reply, with the link to your own blog post. So you are going to reply TWICE to this post. Your second reply is for your blog post, which will be graded.
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Blog post 6: Reading assignment

In this blog post, publish your notes from Kern, chapter 13. Your notes must appear in the form of one (1) numbered list. Write a brief statement above the list to explain or summarize it.

The idea is to highlight or capture the ideas or information that resonated most strongly with you, in a format that other people might find interesting to read.

The list is not meant to represent everything in the chapter. It should represent what was most meaningful to YOU. Thus each student’s list will be different.

From your list, choose ONE of your items and find a story at that illustrates or reinforces that point.

  • Include the full headline of the NPR story in your item.
  • Make that headline text a link to the story page at

Write two or three sentences that clearly explain how that NPR story illustrates the point — be sure to indicate clearly WHICH point you’re writing about. Read more of this post

Photojournalism materials

Here is the PowerPoint I showed in class about Better Photos for Journalism Stories (shooting tips). Useful for review before you go out to shoot the next time. It’s a PDF, so you can see my talking notes.

Here is the Web page from the week 6 class meeting: Links for Week 6. From that page, you can access the notes about using Adobe Photoshop for photojournalism, and the notes about how to make screen captures, and the link to my favorite screen-grab software (SnapzProX).

Remember, the screen-capture tools are also useful for determining the width and height of an image on a website, such as your own blog.

If you have any questions about photo shooting or photo editing, please post them here, as a reply to this post.

You’re also welcome to share any good links you’ve found that are relevant to photo shooting or photo editing.