Data 2: Make a map with Google Fusion Tables

The resources we used in class: Week 10.

Your CSV data

Make sure you use the counties BLOCK assigned to you. If you use the wrong counties, or omit any schools, no points.

  1. Go to the resources page (Week 10, linked above!) to find the link for mailing addresses for all Florida schools. Download the giant spreadsheet. Open in Excel.
  2. Find ALL of your assigned counties and copy all the rows for each of your counties. Don’t miss anything.
  3. Paste all the rows you copied into a new Excel spreadsheet. New file. Not a new sheet.
  4. Close the big spreadsheet file and just keep it, unchanged. Use only your new spreadsheet for everything else.
  5. Lots of things need to be cleaned up in this data. Instructions can be found here.

It is essential that you clean your data carefully BEFORE you save as a CSV file.

Saving the CSV is the final step BEFORE you make the Fusion Table. Read more of this post