Blog post 19: Exploring data journalism

The intention of this assignment is for you to discover, by yourself, what people in journalism are saying about data skills and programming skills for journalists today. This is NOT about HTML, CSS or Web page design. The topic is data, data journalism, data-driven journalism, and programming. It includes Excel, computer languages such as Python, frameworks such as Ruby, databases and large data sets, Big Data, etc.

Do several Google searches, using different search terms. Find articles about these topics, and go to different professional sites, industry sites, and/or blogs about journalism. You might find some articles in newspapers, but the better sources will be the sites about journalism.

You must read enough different material to be able to write a blog post about the consensus, the zeitgeist, the general attitude, toward programming skills and journalism today, in 2013. This assignment is intended to open your eyes, to inform you.

Investigate. Question. Seek answers. Read more of this post


Blog post 16: A social media manager

This assignment is different from the Blog post 2 assignment, but it is related.

In that assignment, many of you chose a job ad that asked for social media skills. However, when you wrote about your ability to meet that requirement, you did not demonstrate knowledge or understanding of what an employer really wants.

So now you’re going to examine what a “social media manager” is expected to do and to know.

Select two (2) jobs from this list and an additional two (2) jobs from this list. (Total: four job ads.) Choose jobs that sound interesting or desirable to YOU. It’s not that you would definitely apply for this exact job, but please do try to find jobs that appeal to you in some way (and not only because of their location).

I do not want to see students listing the same jobs as other students. Read more of this post

Blog post 2: Learning about the job market

It would be very smart to browse journalism job ads from time to time. Even a year or two before you’re on the market for a job, you should be learning what skills and experience employers are asking for.

Use the site for this assignment. Do not use any other site.

You must find ads for two different jobs that appeal to you. One job should be either an internship or a job you would likely be qualified for immediately after finishing your master’s program. The other job should be one you could reasonably expect to qualify for within five years or so. Do NOT pay attention to LOCATION for either job. Focus on the skills and experience listed in the ad. Read more of this post