Blog post 16: A social media manager

This assignment is different from the Blog post 2 assignment, but it is related.

In that assignment, many of you chose a job ad that asked for social media skills. However, when you wrote about your ability to meet that requirement, you did not demonstrate knowledge or understanding of what an employer really wants.

So now you’re going to examine what a “social media manager” is expected to do and to know.

Select two (2) jobs from this list and an additional two (2) jobs from this list. (Total: four job ads.) Choose jobs that sound interesting or desirable to YOU. It’s not that you would definitely apply for this exact job, but please do try to find jobs that appeal to you in some way (and not only because of their location).

I do not want to see students listing the same jobs as other students. Read more of this post


A good example of “beyond radio” content

Check out this story at NPR and notice how it much it differs from the audio transcript:

9 Powerful Moments in the Day of a Viral Web Editor at BuzzFeed

Photos and radio are great companions!

And please note, everyone: A transcript is NOT the same as a script. Those two words are NOT interchangeable!