[Updated Aug. 17, 2013]

This website is supplemental to a graduate course in journalism: JOU 6344 Journalists’ Toolkit 1. You will find this course listed under Mass Communication in the UF course listings.

This course is taught at the University of Florida in the College of Journalism and Communications. It is open to resident UF master’s students in the Multimedia Journalism / Multimedia Telecommunication program. Students must meet the equipment requirement.

This course prepares the student to work as a journalist in today’s newsrooms where the online and digital platforms are at least as important as the traditional print or broadcast platforms. It constitutes a two-semester sequence, with Toolkit 1 being a prerequisite for Toolkit 2. Both courses emphasize journalistic storytelling techniques along with technology and software. Basic competence with digital tools is an expected outcome for students who complete both courses.

The author of this blog is Mindy McAdams.

I have a more comprehensive blog called Teaching Online Journalism. There is also a different blog where I post tutorials and related materials for journalists who are learning about software and digital reporting tools: Journalists’ Toolkit.

Course Information

JOU 6344 | Fall 2013 | Section 1F02 | 1098 Weimer Hall

Tuesdays 1:55–4:55 p.m. (periods 7, 8 and 9)

Instructor Information

Instructor: Mindy McAdams, Professor, Department of Journalism
E-mail: See this page for my UF e-mail address
Office: 3049 Weimer Hall
Office hours: Mondays 11-2 p.m. | And by appointment | Fall 2013
Office phone: (352) 392-8456 (NOTE: E-mail is better. Much better.)
Bio: At the bottom of this page

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