Meeting your deadlines

In a graduate course for 3 credits, it is not unusual to do 9 hours’ work outside class. You’ll need to manage your time wisely.

Each week, you can see which assignments are due by looking at the Course Schedule page. The details of each assignment will appear here, on the course blog. The title of the blog post will make it clear which assignment is covered in that post. Read more of this post


Blog post 2: Learning about the job market

It would be very smart to browse journalism job ads from time to time. Even a year or two before you’re on the market for a job, you should be learning what skills and experience employers are asking for.

Use the site for this assignment. Do not use any other site.

You must find ads for two different jobs that appeal to you. One job should be either an internship or a job you would likely be qualified for immediately after finishing your master’s program. The other job should be one you could reasonably expect to qualify for within five years or so. Do NOT pay attention to LOCATION for either job. Focus on the skills and experience listed in the ad. Read more of this post

Blog post 1: Analyze a “beyond radio” story

Read the assigned chapter in Kern. It’s on the Course Schedule page.

Go to the NPR website ( and find a story there that interests you. The story must come from one of these programs: Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition Saturday or Sunday. Open the Programs menu to find these.

Note: If your selected story does not have “beyond radio” aspects, which are explained in the assigned reading, then you selected a bad example. Find a story that enables you to discuss the chapter fully. Your grade will reflect this choice. Read more of this post

Audio 1: Edited audio interview

This will be an edited version of the interview you conducted during class, with a classmate, in the first class meeting. DO NOT use any other interview for this assignment.

Please read about grading criteria for audio assignments in this course. Those criteria apply to all audio assignments.

Note: You must set up your own individual SoundCloud account, if you have not done so already. Make sure you have completed a profile at SoundCloud and uploaded a profile picture at SoundCloud. Read more of this post