Final projects

Please post a link to the main (or only) page of your final project as a reply to this post.

Deadline: 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 10.


Project pitch: What is required?

The project pitch document is a printed document you will hand in during class, after everyone presents his or her pitch briefly. The document must clearly state what you intend to produce for your project.

The information should be specific in terms of:

  1. The subject or topic of the story (including location, background, names of people to be interviewed)
  2. The number of items you will produce (example: “Four audio interviews accompanied by portrait photos of those four people, a map showing each of the locations mentioned in the interviews, a short text introduction to the story, and a graph showing the increase of pollutants from 2001 to 2012”)

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Some tips about upcoming deadlines

Please read the Course Schedule from now up to the end of the semester and start thinking about how you will manage your time.

The deadlines will not change. What we do during class might be adjusted, but NOT the deadlines or the assigned work.

Both the audio and photo story and the final project account for a big part of your final grade. The points and percentages are explained in the syllabus under both “Course Requirements” and “Grades and Grading Policies.” You can also read details here: Required Work. Read more of this post

Final project submission

The final project (described on the Required Work page) must be submitted by the deadline in the following manner:

  1. Create one Web page from which all parts of the project can be accessed. Either everything appears on that page, or everything in the project is linked to that page (or a combination of those).
  2. Reply to this post and include the complete URL for that page in your reply.
  3. After your reply appears here, click the link to make sure it does in fact open the correct page.
  4. Your reply must be here by the deadline time.

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Project pitch: What to do?

The project pitch document is a brief printed document you will hand in during class, after everyone presents his or her pitch briefly. The document must clearly state what you intend to produce for your project.

When your project proposal has been approved, you’re cleared to begin work on your project.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, Nov. 6, at 2 p.m. (in class). If revisions are requested, they must be submitted within 24 hours, via email.

The project assignment is described broadly on the Required Work page. The due date is on the Course Schedule page. Read more of this post