Blog post 22: Reading assignment

In this blog post, publish your notes from Kern, chapter 6, and Kobré, chapter 12.

Your notes must appear in the form of two (2) numbered lists, one for each chapter. Write a brief statement above each list to explain or summarize that list.

The goal is for you to highlight or capture the ideas or information that resonated most strongly with you, in a format that other people might find interesting to read.

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Audio and photo story

The point of this assignment is for you to combine still photos and audio to create an interesting story. A true story, of course.

An audio slideshow is really a lot different from video, and that’s why the requirement is to use stills. The pace is different — the gathering of the assets is different. You can show a lot of variety and evoke a lot of feelings with a slideshow, allowing the viewer to just experience the frozen moment in each image.

However, it’s very important not to leave any image hanging there too long. A rule of thumb is to allow no more than 5 seconds for any one photo. (See more slideshow storytelling tips.)

The readings for weeks 11 and 12 should give you plenty to think about in the story you choose and how you capture it. You’ll see some examples in class. Read more of this post

Photo 2: A simple photo story

UPDATE (Oct. 14): See added text under “Submitting the assignment,” below.

You have two weeks to complete this assignment. That means (in part) that my expectations are high, and grading will be strict and tough. (MuahaHA!) Seriously, you are expected to use the time given to come up with a good story, an interesting story — a truly visual story — and produce very good photos to tell it. Read more of this post