Audio and photo story

The point of this assignment is for you to combine still photos and audio to create an interesting story. A true story, of course.

An audio slideshow is really a lot different from video, and that’s why the requirement is to use stills. The pace is different — the gathering of the assets is different. You can show a lot of variety and evoke a lot of feelings with a slideshow, allowing the viewer to just experience the frozen moment in each image.

However, it’s very important not to leave any image hanging there too long. A rule of thumb is to allow no more than 5 seconds for any one photo. Longer is boring. So do the math: You need 18 GOOD photos to make a 90-second story!

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Blog post 1: Analyze a “beyond radio” story

Read the assigned chapter in Kern. It’s on the Course Schedule page.

Go to the NPR website ( and find a story there that interests you. The story must come from one of these programs: Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition Saturday or Sunday. Open the Programs menu to find these.

Note: If your selected story does not have “beyond radio” aspects, which are explained in the assigned reading, then you selected a bad example. Find a story that enables you to discuss the chapter fully. Your grade will reflect this choice. Read more of this post